Alice Forrester

Alice Forrester


I am curious, an explorer of the senses, of nature and of what it is to be an awakening human being. My path has meandered. I grew up by the ocean on Cape Cod, MA, attended Williams College, and then found my way to the Tucson desert and the University of Arizona where I graduated with a BA in Middle Eastern Studies. After some graduate studies at the University of Chicago, I moved to Nashville, TN, which has been my home for 35 years.

My professional experience has been varied: I have mostly worked for myself. Art restoration, event planning, catering, teaching and project management have been some of my interests through the years.

Ten years ago, I began my studies at A Society of Souls® with founder Jason Shulman. My heart found a nurturing home in the ideas, environment and community provided by this school and its lineage. My great desire now is to share what I’m learning with others who are on a journey of self-reflection and awakening to life.

In addition to teaching at The Center for Illumination, I also offer private healing sessions.

I can be reached at agforrester56@gmail.com.


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